About us

About us


More than half a century young! Time flies and the anniversary of EUmotorcars is living proof of that. 55 years ago (1962) father Tiny van Ravensteijn started up his garage in Oss (North Brabant). In a sound manner, the company gradually expanded.

Son Marc was at his best in those moments that he was in the vicinity of his father and the garage. His fascination with cars and automotive technology came into full bloom during that period.

In 1989, after the successful completion of his training at the IVA in Driebergen, Marc took over the company from his father and specialized in the sale of young used American Cars.

This stemmed from his passion for the land of unlimited opportunities, and for the impressive and robust status of the respective cars. Halfway through Marc’s career (in 2002), after a thorough stock-taking, he decided to specialize in funeral  and Limousine mobility. A sector with its own unique wishes, expectations and challenges. Meanwhile, the full focus has been shifted to entirely this segment and The Hearse & Limo Company has expanded into the European market leader in funeral cars from American and European origin. To this day, in our work we adhere to the principles of father Tiny, “honesty is the best policy” and “the more pleasure you take in it, the better it gets.” It remains undiminished as a good basis for the next fifty years.